Sunday, January 06, 2019

Sunday Wildcard Stock Thoughts

  • Late afternoon on the West coast, and Asian stock markets trading higher in anticipation of US-China trade talks.  Maybe they’re having a reaction to Friday’s US stock rally as well.
  • US Senator Richard Shelby says the US economy is “best I’ve ever seen.” - Fox News  I have to admit that the economy does seem very strong, but that also worries me because can the economy get any better?
  • I’m fully invested in the stock market and anticipate a positive 2019. But, the market may continue to be volatile and I wouldn’t rule out a retest of the lows. I hope we don’t see new lows!
  • Whatever happened to Bitcoin?
  • It’s 2019, and that means Disneyland price increases! Disney will be crowded when the new Star Wars attractions open up this summer.  I’m planning on a Fall visit...
  • While my new iPad Pro 11” from Santa Claus and the iPhone XS Max I bought yesterday still have that “new Apple smell,” it’s never too early to talk about 2019 Apple product releases and Apple envy. Services, hardware, software and a new video streaming service on deck!  Cult of Mac 
  • Man, I picked the Baltimore Ravens at home to beat the Los Angeles Chargers.  It all seems so silly in hindsight.
  • I spent the last 20 minutes organizing my iPad Apple News sources.  #truth
  • Is Silicon Valley still atop the nation’s tech environments? According to the rankings, Silicon Valley is behind Massachusetts, Colorado and Maryland.  Maryland’s science and tech workforce outranks all states! - Baltimore Business Journal (Think they’re biased?) 
  • We are finally getting some soaking rain here in California. Looks like the forecast is for a very rainy week!

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