Monday, March 09, 2009

Demoralization Nation (and SNL does Tim Geithner!)

  • SNL skit this weekend made fun of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Well done!  (SNL = Saturday Night Live, for those new to the planet).
  • From WSJ, Markets end another session demoralized, as investors were once again unable to generate sufficient enthusiasm to warrant further buying after stocks bounced in the early going.  ... “Valuation is extremely attractive for stocks, but is being ignored with the massive pessimism and uncertainty in the markets,” notes Bill Stone.
  • You can flip through the WSJ blog and find link-worthy columns all over the place.  (Feeling Numb!)  The pessimism is thick, and it's expected day after day.  There is no hope that tomorrow will be anything different than what we saw today.
  • But... it is time to start thinking about your March Madness brackets.  There is that.
  • And there are folks making the most with guitar apps for their iPhone.  Check out the result of that video search of youtube.  Amazing.
  • Enjoying the Kindle iPhone application more than the Stanza one.  I think because it's so darn easy.