Tuesday, March 03, 2009

TALFin' Tuesday

  • $GE (General Electric) CEO Jeffrey Immelt acknowledged on Tuesday the company's reputation had been "tarnished." ...  "No one is more disappointed than I am with the performance of our stock in this tough environment."  Well.  I know some GE engineers who have lots of stock in GE who are pretty disappointed, Jeff.  I may be going out on a limb here, but I bet they're having a little tougher time sleeping at night than you are with their kids' college funds and retirement accounts in the balance.
  • If at first you don't succeed, TALF TALF again. Well, more government hijinx ensues, as another $200B thrown at the system using another acronym.  The Fed will lend up to $200 billion to spur consumer lending -- for autos, education, credit cards and other consumer debt. The money will be used to provide financing to investors to buy up the debt.
  • Let the warm fuzzies ensue.  Oh, wait.  The market is selling off.  Again.  Check that, the market is now mixed.  Er, okay.
  • Has your home equity line of credit been cut off?
  • Innovations of the future.  It mentions electric cars.  But nobody seems to ever ask the question of what energy source is going to recharge batteries.  I don't see new nuclear power plants on the horizon.  Where is the electricity going to come from? Are we going to import charged batteries from France?
  • Oops, now the market has slipped back into the red.  Of course it has.