Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Mas Grande Randomosity

  • Maybe it's just me, but I'm nervous about bonds. Especially bond mutual funds and ETFs.  Why?  I think the economy is improving, but the government is still throwing stimulus at it, and the end result will be lots of money chasing stuff to buy.  I think the Fed is always late (reactionary) when responding, and tend to over-do.  What say you?
  • The liberal blog Thinkprogress says they've convinced UPS to stop advertising on Bill O'Reilly's TV show, The Factor on Fox.  Does this sort of thing impact your investing decisions or is it all just noise?
  • If the job of advertising is to get eyeballs, check the ratingsFox remains on a mountain above its two closest competitors, with its prime-time audience in March more than that of MSNBC and CNN combined. “The O’Reilly Factor” has done particularly well, keeping more of its postelection audience than anything else on CNN and MSNBC.  I rarely watch any of those channels, but do watch CNBC and Fox Business.  If a hurricane rolls in, I do watch Fox.  Maybe UPS wants to save advertising dollars.
  • Over 80 degrees here in Tent City, California.
  • I get an email from a friend up at a sportsbook in Reno, and he has Mizzou +5.5 against UCONN.  See that missed lay up right at the end of the game? Instead of UCONN by 5, it's UCONN by 7.  Adios, dinero.
  • Yes, I am on Twitter.
  • Hmm, I wonder if Barry Ritholtz ever disagrees with Paul Krugman?  
  • Adam Warner has more on Dylan Ratigan leaving CNBC's Fast Money.  The story was making the rounds on Twitter last night.  Click my Twitter link up there and go down a few to see the comments on Ratigan's fill in, Melissa Lee.  Just saying.
  • Hmm, picture of Melissa Lee or UCONN cheerleader....