Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Battle of the Marts

As in, Kmart vs Walmart.

Jim Cramer has an article up over at TheStreet.com, and the headline suggests that Kmart is gaining ground on Walmart. I skimmed the article. Maybe he's talking about potential gains in stocks, on a risk vs. reward basis or something, because he can't be talking about business viability.

Where I live, the Walmarts are packed and the Kmarts are closing their doors (as in, closing stores). I've speculated on a bunch of stocks over the years, but heck if I'm going to buy shares in one that's closing stores. I know they're just cutting expenses and streamlining their business, but it brings to mind the old saying, "Just think how much overhead we'd save if we closed all our stores!" Makes me also think of Gateway computers shutting their stores, trying to compete with Dell and HP/Compaq.

I think Walmart expanding into the grocery venue will also increase their sales. Shoppers love saving an extra dime on their peanut butter.

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