Monday, September 27, 2004

Politics: Bush Wins the Debate

The thursday presidential debate will grab the headlines this week. Will many watch? Will most be upset that "Joey" and "The Apprentice" are upstaged? I think the latter, but I also believe that the nation is so polarized that folks have already made up their minds who has won the debates.

The winner is: George Bush!

Why? Elementary, my dear Watson. Lets Quick Hit the reasons:

* Bush is more charming.
* Foreign policy favors Bush.
* Kerry is too pessimistic.
* Kerry has the worst advisors ever.

Why is Bush more charming? He smiles more. He's folksy. He drops the "g" off of words like hopin' and learnin' and trustin' and believin' in 'Merica. People identify with Bush. Kerry comes across exactly the opposite. As a guy who's trying to be all those things, but somehow you sense he's just fakin' it.

Iraq is a losing issue for Kerry. He's been all over the map on it. Nobody knows what his position is at this point. Bush has been steadfast and determined.

Bush's delivery style is full of hope and optimism. Contrast that to Kerry, who seems to focus on every negative he can find. His word and phrase choices like "wrong" and "we can do better" are negative. He needs to pick up his delivery, because nobody likes a pessimist.

Kerry's team of advisors stink. His comments that this is the worst economy since Hoover? Nobody believes it, except for the Kerry cultists who are voting for him anyways. How can he attract the undecideds, who are lined up at Best Buy purchasing a big screen TV and a satellite dish for the NFL season, by telling them that the economy is horrible? How can the economy be so horrible, if all the big screen TVs are out of stock and it'll take 3 weeks to get one delivered? The undecideds are more pissed-off about missin' 3 weeks of the NFL package!

Bush will win thursday night, because he'll be more optimistic, more endearing, and the undecideds will gravitate to the more positive candidate.

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