Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Larry Kudlow: Mr. Optimism

If you read or watch any of the financial media or TV shows, it's nearly impossible to miss the ever-optimistic grin of Larry Kudlow. It is also nearly impossible to have a neutral opinion on Mr. Kudlow, as he is a supply-side economist that promotes economic growth as a cure-all for most all of society's complex issues.

I happen to agree with him most of the time.

In today's National Review column, Mr. Kudlow discusses the economy, the election, and compares Kerry vs. Bush on his economic growth measuring stick. Read the article.

I like the concept of the "ownership society" that President Bush is promoting during his campaign. But I wonder, if most folks in America are educationally equipped to manage themselves and their futures. The Republican Party seems to be one regarding personal choice and individual responsibility. This means saving and investing your money, managing your expenses vs. lifestyle, living healthy, and emerging into retirement equipped to live comfortably.

While the ownership idea concept would benefit myself, as I have embraced taking charge of myself and my future, I wonder if others would be left behind? I don't have the same confidence in society at large that I have in myself. I could envision the Democrats countering that this "ownership society" would just be more transfer of wealth to those who know how to manage their lives, from those who don't.

In the final analysis, I have to be responsible for myself and be encouraged about the ownership society concept. Especially compared to the ever-growing entitlement mindset in the Democrat party. I'd love to see leadership in the Democrat party embrace education and self-reliance over handouts and dependency. If only the Democrats would take ownership of that as a start!

Mr. Kudlow has many articles archived up at the National Review that are worthy of your, well, review!

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