Friday, September 24, 2004

Quick Hits

* I've been away from the web all week. I missed it!

* CBS is getting some fallout over the Rather blunder, eh? From one extreme to the other, as the conservative hacks are reporting some TV stations are dropping their affiliation, etc. I think this is serious and needs to be investigated, but lets all count to ten slowly before reacting.

* Miami Dolphins are playing some great defense. Unfortunately, you have to put points on the board to win, and that offense is dismal. Even a stoned Ricky Williams would help at this point!

* Speaking of fiascos, are the Dodgers going to fade in September? Big weekend series with the Giants!

* The market? Well, everyone seems to be expecting the seasonal Sept-Oct swoon. Maybe everyone will be right, but I'm going against my gut feeling and staying long. Long and strong, baby!

* "The majority of American youth are sedentary and do not eat well." Ya think? But they don't really latch on to the idea of eating brocoli and cauliflower, either.

* Here's how my brain works: I see a Yahoo news title "India, Pakistan Leaders Hail New Chapter in Ties" and I think, "Solid? Stripes? Wide or narrow? Pink?"

* One of my favorite satire sites? Scrappleface. This one about Fighting the Right War is hillarious. Win the peace!

* The cartoons will be back! (October)


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