Friday, September 10, 2004

Quick Hits

* Texans for Truth? NOT! Forgeries? Are all these recent attacks on George Bush's National Guard service a lie? Well... Take a look.

* NFL kicked off last night in a very exciting fashion. Congratulations to those Fantasy Football teams helmed by New England quarterback Tom Brady!

* Not all fiscal conservatives happy with President Bush. Although, is it safe to say they still prefer W over John Kerry? I think so.

* The second coming of Donald Trump's The Apprentice kicked off last night with a contest over which team could design the best toy for boys ages 6 to 8. Mattel reviewed the prototypes, and the team that created a radio controlled car with interchangeable parts won. Heck, young boys like to crash stuff! The first casualty was Rob, who came across as too passive for The Donald.

* Naomi Campbell coming clean about her drug use. "I did a drug, a speedy drug," she said.

* Would somebody please cancel the order for another hurricane? I think we've had enough!

* John Kerry is out there pounding deficit spending, but you be the judge. How big of a deal is it in this large economy?

* You know, that Ashlee Simpson CD isn't bad. Who knew that sweet little Cecilia from 7th Heaven had such angst?

* The stock market is rallying! Funny (strange), on a friday before 9/11/2004. I wonder if there will be some selling later today. So many folks have bailed on technology stocks and semiconductors, you wonder if yesterday's ramp up was just gaming for option week or if all the bad news is priced in and the only way up is, well, up?

* Life at the Fun Factory rolls on. Still feeling quite like the New Employee, but have some folks to chat with.

* The war on terror remains the focal point of the 2004 election. There are lots of other issues moving to the back burner, as safety comes first.

* Are you going to buy the Seinfeld DVD sets? Or, have you seen enough of the reruns already?

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