Thursday, November 29, 2007

Criss Cross Applesauce!

  • We have a MACD crossover on the SP500, Sy. Seasonal buy signal for ya?
  • I remain 100% long.  Nothing to do here.  We're in the monthly strength period, and I think the overall gloomy economic consensus is wrong. 
  • Bonddad gives the market a 20% chance of going up from here, a 40% chance of sideways, and a 40% of the market going down.
  • Day Shark says all the good news is known.
  • Roger is skeptical of the rally.
  • The Lauriston Letter says Once the end-of-month shenanigans are over, there may not be much to hang your hat on this rally.
  • Jason had a buy signal last night.
  • The 0-11 Miami Dolphins are favored to win this weekend against the NY Jets.  “It means that everybody out there ain’t as dumb as they look,” linebacker Joey Porter said. “Some people still believe.”  Uh huh.

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