Thursday, November 01, 2007

Free Candy Hangover

  • Lets ignore the market selloff today for just a second or two.
  • I'm reading Barrons online right now, and one coumn says to look for a rate cut at the December 11th Fed meeting, and the column next to it says that future rate cuts aren't likely.  A little Point-Counterpoint, Jane?  (You ignorant slut!)
  • So the slide is being blamed on earnings, financials, and perception that the Fed is done.  Just to counterpoint that (Jane!) inflation is still tame and with energy prices rising it means that consumers will have less money to spend at the malls.  Yes, foeclosures are hurting the banks.  But lower interet rates will help.  Earnings seem to be mostly okay.
  • What, me worry?  Not here!
  • Not too many trick or treaters last night in my hood.
  • I keep forgetting the NBA season has started...

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