Friday, November 02, 2007

The Recession Knuckleheads

  • The recession knuckleheads are WRONG! What is it about low inflation, low interest rates, and low unemployment that have them so bearish?
  • It Hurts So Good, folks!   (In Edit: The John Cougar Mellencamp  video from YouTube disabled for embedding.  Click here to watch/listen.  I guess I'll use the bull picture instead!)
  • Recession probability down.
  • Barry Ritholtz tries to show some inflation pressures on the economy.  I just wonder if Barry has taken a look at core CPI year over year?  And what about the PCE year over year, Barry?  That's the Fed's favorite, right?  Under 2% year over year.  So, Barry cites all these anticipated price hikes, but they haven't happened yet and we'll see if companies have the pricing power to implement price hikes beyond the average of 2-3%.
  • Higher energy prices are helping to keep inflation low and the economy from overheating. 
  • Love the John Cougar Mellencamp?  LOL.
  • Ben Bernanke action figure!  I'm nickin' the pic for future use.
  • 50th consecutive month of job growth, by the way.
  • Is the economy as bad as YRCW says?
  • BREAKING NEWS:  Looks like Gary Kaltbaum is growing his mustache back.  (Watching Fox Business Network).  LOL.
  • So on TNT's NBA games last night, Dirk Nowitzki was asked about Mark Cuban's Dancing with the Stars stint.  TNT kept showing the dancing clips and having some fun at Cuban's expense.  Pretty funny.  I think I'll just set the DVR to record the NBA on TNT, and skip through the games to listen to Charles Barkley et. al. before, in between, and after the games. You know?  That's good TV!

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