Saturday, November 03, 2007

Early Linkages

  • First and most importantly, before the links, I think the Patriots are going to spank the Colts. It's a revenge game after last year's playoffs.  The Patriots have upgraded their offense tremendously.  Belichick would like to score about 200 points in this game.  Unless the Colts can match the Pats score for score, ie no punting whatsoever, the Pats are going to cruise.
  • (Contrarian alert on that game?  Patriots seem like an obvious consensus.  Who is taking Indianapolis???)
  • Dr. Brett is cranking out some quality posts.  Recent ones include So You Want to Trade for a Living.  His first bullet is "Make sure you're adequately capitalized."  And I thought of the old one-liner, "What's the quickest way to make $1 million dollars?  Start out with $10 million dollars."
  • Another recession knucklehead over at SCSU Scholars.  As their number-one bullet they mention consumer sentiment.  Sheez.  Talk about the weak sister of indicators.  Then they say, "Some think the recession might occur this quarter, but I think the majority view is that, should one come, it's more likely to be in the first quarter next year."  Well, two quarters of negative GDP required, right?  So that would mean it starts in this quarter or next quarter for them to be right.  Good luck with that prediction. 
  • A slow economy does not a recession make.   A slow economy is a slow economy.  Energy and real estate are dampening growth, but not stopping it.  Sure seems sustainable, though.  Low unemployment and low inflation (uninflation!), and the Fed is cutting rates.
  • Kevin Stecyk continues to blog about the market, and take pictures of hot chicks.  Nice gig, KS.
  • Bernie writes that gold and crude soar on strong economy and weak dollar.  Lots of people complain about the low dollar, but do they realize how that helps our exports? 
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