Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Worst Economy of Our Lifetime

  • Those of you who had "Nasdaq up 30 even" in today's stock market pool win! New lows exceeded new highs, despite Drew Carey's plea for legalization of medical marijuana. 
  • Lets face it, the bears are winning the propaganda war right here.  We have the real estate recession, banks imploding, Pakistan, Iraq, waterboarding, the US dollar nosediving to $0, global warming, health care crisis, budget deficits, rampant inflation, and Bush/Cheney still haven't been impeached.  The Bonddad says this is The Worst Economy of Our Lifetime!
  • And while watching the NFL ticket "red zone" channel on my big screen HD TV on Sunday, eating Round Table Gourmet Veggie pizza, and sucking down Coronas, I realized that Bonddad is right.  We do have it worse than any generation since the 1930's.  I remember my grandfather telling me about the days of not knowing where your next meal was coming.  And as I sprinkled crushed red pepper flakes on another slice of pizza, I thought, "That's just like today.  I don't know where I'm going to get my next meal.  Maybe Chinese.  Maybe Japanese.  Maybe Mexican.  Who knows?"
  • But just as I was entering a new level of melancholy, my buddy shouted out "Hey, backup the DVR, you missed a good shot of the cheerleaders."  Cheerleaders in HD has a way of making one forget, at least temporarily, how bad we have it here under Bushitler.
  • Oil was briefly over $97 a barrel.  Enough of this flirting with $100.  Lets just do it so we can get on to the next milestone.  I say everyone get in their Escalades tonight and burn a few tanks of gas.  At 13 mpg city and 17 mpg  highway, lets keep it to the surface streets.  We can do it, folks.  Fill those tanks up early and often.  Focus!
  • Fantasy football note:  No reason to pick up Dolphins' rookie QB John Beck.  Cleo Lemon has been named the starter.  At 0-8, why would the Dolphins risk messing with the mojo?  Now THAT may be the worst franchise of our lifetime!

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