Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One Day in a Row!

  • Today was an up day, but can the market manage more than "one day in a row" of up? All win streaks begin with the first day, eh coach?
  • I know there are a lot of bearish overtones in the market, especially looking at yesterday's action.  When the market starts up and then closes on a very sour note, that's bearish action. 
  • Opening up the playbook, dust and all, we see that we're closing in on month-end.  So 401(k) money should be dollar-cost averaged in.  (But the reason the playbook is dusty is because it hasn't worked very well lately...)
  • I was out and about today, so didn't make any trades.  Remaining 100% long.  Warp speed, Mr. Scott.
  • Dancing with the Stars?  I have to go with Scarey Spice as the winner. (Mel?)  We'll see how it goes.  Marie Osmond can't win.  That was just pathetic last night.  But who knows how many people in the USA are related to the Osmonds.  The phone banks could've been swamped.  I can't think Helio would win.  I dunno.  I didn't vote, though. 
  • Dolphins-Steelers?  LOL.  3-0.  I watched the first half and am amazed Cameron didn't try to kick the field goal after the penalty (and the missed field goal).  Why not kick it?  How many times are you going to get anywhere near the end zone?  Also amazed Steelers couldn't score... until the end.   Figured they had enough heft to punch it in just running it.  But that field was HORRIBLE.

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