Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ricky (and the Markets)

  • BREAKING NEWS: Ricky Williams reinstated!  Ricky can't play until week 12, FWIW.  Adjust your Fantasy Football rosters accordingly.  And guard your weed. 
  • Miami Dolphins also naming TV talk host Glenn Beck as their starting QB this weekend in Philadelphia.  Wait, I think it's really rookie John Beck out of BYU.  But either way, I'd pick up the Philly defense in your Fantasy leagues, if available. 
  • OK, the stock market.  Blech.  Everything looked okay until the trading day was close to the finish line.  What happened?  Even Yahoo Finance could not rationalize the late day selling, stating, "There was not a specific news item to account for the plunge."  Ah, "Heck if we know."
  • The rally rules (per IBD) are such that we now look for a follow-through day somewhere from the 4th to 10th trading day.  Of course, if the market plunges before that, it won't matter.  I'm still 100% long.  I wouldn't rule out a retest of the previous lows in this thing.  So if we get there then it could mean that I really do rotate into some of the names mentioned in the previous entry.  We.  Shall. See.
  • I'd have liked to see a little more sideways action today, though.
  • Miami writer Armando Salguero:  The John Beck Era Has Arrived.
  • The Future Has Arrived from Phin Phanatic.
  • Poor John Beck.  The weight of Marino's shoulders are on him.  Fortunately, Dan's shoulders are a little lighter since the whole Nutri-systems weight loss thing.  But, Miami fans have big expectations here....

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