Sunday, March 21, 2010


image Spent the last 5 days up in Reno betting on March Madness games.  Went enough over 50% on the games to come out a little ahead.  The last game I had was Purdue –2.  A push in OT.  I’m now hoping for Cornell, Northern Iowa, or Saint Mary’s to win it all.  Knock off the big boys!

I see that the health care bill is most likely going to pass.  I glanced at the Congress folks making spectacles out of themselves.  It’s a sad day in America, IMHO.  When I read about the tax in rental income, I wondered how well this was thought out.  Don’t folks realize that any taxes on rental income will be met with higher rents?

Anyway, vote ‘em out in November.  I’m done thinking about it for now.  I imagine the tax accountants will be working overtime figuring out the best ways for their clients to minimize the damage from this bill.

A quick check of the markets? We’ve had a great run and ran into some giveback Friday.  Stock futures look down.  I suppose the news of the day is impacting that.

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