Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Story

image I went to Target recently to pick up the most recent Taylor Swift CD as a gift.  After filling up my shopping basket with a few other items, I made my way to the checkout counter.  The shortest line belonged to the young cashier who had tattoos up and down all skin visible, piercings everywhere, and a hair style that I hesitate to call a style.  The style was “Whoa, what a concert last night. Just woke up and somebody died my hair black and blue.”

As the cashier slides my items across the bar code scanner, he stops at the Taylor Swift CD.  He glances at it, then looks up at me and says, “You’re getting this as a gift, right?”

Yes.  But I like Taylor Swift.  I’m listening to her right now, Romeo.

But it’s a good story.

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