Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday Randomosity

  • image Production problems in $AAPL iPad to delay launch?  Phew, as long as it didn’t delay lunch.  It’s being called a bit of a news scoop. However, the WSJ also has a column up that disputes some of the rumors.
  • Seems like only yesterday Anna Kournikova was the internet top search item and virus at the same time.  Time flies!
  • Democrats revolt over energy. Summary:  Yucca Mountain and the EPA to regulate greenhouse gasses.
  • Greece first, now Spain?  Non-performing loans?  Is “non-performing” trying to sugarcoat “bad?”  If there are good loans and bad loans, couldn’t we call the bad loans “silver medal loans?”  Anyway, keep an eye on banking problems…
  • President Obama pushing a deadline on Health Care to the Democrats.  Hey, Barack!  These folks have to run for an election this Fall!
  • American Idol is horrible so far this year.  Just saying.  But I’m heading off to watch the results show. There.  I said it.
  • Syracuse Orange:  College Basketball Dynasty?  28-2 this season!

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