Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday Randomosity

  • image The market was a big yawn today.  I suppose we are slightly overbought, and coming out of monthly strength.  $$
  • I don’t want to bore anyone with too-frequent stock charts from the Black Box, but the charts don’t look that great to me.  I’m still 100% long because I don’t see a reason to sell, either. The economy is improving.
  • I’ve also noticed restaurant wait lines at my favorite places seem to be longer.
  • US sales tax rates hit record highBut Vertex Inc…reports that the average general sales tax rate nationwide reached 8.629% at the end of 2009, the highest since the Berwyn, Pa., company started tracking data in 1982. That was up a nickel on a taxable $100 purchase from a year earlier and up nearly 40 cents for the decade. The highest sales tax rate in the country now stands at 12%.
  • I thought Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did great hosting the Academy Awards. I found myself fast-forwarding through most everything except for their stand-up bits. LOL.
  • Sandra Bullock!
  • More fee disputes over local TV coming.  Gee, remember when local channels were pulled in with an antenna on the roof?
  • Busy at the Fun Factory.  It’s been a crazy 6 months.  Or longer?  Geez, who is keeping track?

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