Friday, March 12, 2010

Fantastic Friday

image Running some stock scans to see if anything has changed on the Black Box.  $$  I don’t have today’s numbers yet.

While I have remained 100% long for quite awhile, it is interesting to watch and try to anticipate what the Black Box will do next.  It is still on a sell on the weekly and a buy on the daily.  So, mixed bag.  Certainly tough to stay on the sidelines while following the weekly if the daily is on a buy and everyone seems to be getting more and more bullish.

Speaking of, just some anecdotal stuff I’ve noticed lately.  My favorite Friday night restaurant was just a 15-20 minute wait most of last year and early this year.  The last two times I was there the wait was over an hour.  Likewise, rush hour traffic seems to be much worse, and the Indian casinos have been much more crowded recently than last year.

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