Saturday, March 06, 2010

HCN on the Black Box

On today’s Bulls and Bears, Pat Dorsey recommended $HCN.  It’s a Health Care REIT! Lets take a look at the stock on the Black Box.  Looks like the last buy signal was in early 2009, with a sell signal in Fall 2009.  Since then the stock has meandered around.


image Yahoo Finance shows a nice summary and shows over a 6% yield on HCN.  The stock has been very volatile over the past year as the health care debate goes back and forth.

I’ve noticed (via my eyes only) that the stocks mentioned on the Fox business shows seem to get a little bump after the weekend.  I don’t know if that’s generally true or shows a selection bias only when I remember and bother to look at their picks the following week.

I don’t own any HCN, but will keep an eye on it.  Good luck, Pat.

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