Thursday, March 04, 2010

NFLX on the Black Box

Yesterday I mentioned $NFLX, and here’s what she looks like on the Black Box.   Uh oh…  But also note that there was no buy signal back in October.  I love my Netflix as a movie delivery system, though.  Until the next thing comes along, then I’ll do that.  Usual caveat about the Black Box is that sometimes, when I most need it, it fails.  I don’t own any $NFLX as I type this.  But I did receive the next movie from my queue in the mail yesterday!


Besides the lack of a buy signal in late 2008, notice the non-signals in 2009 while the stock was making some pretty big swings. 

How does Netflix look like on the Black Box daily?


I was curious.  After yesterday’s article that I clipped I wondered how the stock looked on the Black Box.  I think this set of charts shows both the allure and the caveats of the Black Box pretty well.

I don’t own Netflix stock, but I use the service and love it.  I think I’ll keep spending my $10 a month on movie service and skip buying shares, though.

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