Thursday, September 06, 2007

Are You Ready?

  • Are you ready for some (Thursday night) football? Saints vs Colts!  Of course, I'll be here at work late, but I'm recording it and will probably catch up by FFing through the commercials once I get home
  • Don't tell the advertisers that, though.   I don't watch commercials, and I don't click on web ads.  I just don't do it.  But they say this thing called "advertising" is big business. As long as people pay attention to it.
  • I also don't listen to commentary about Michael Vick.  So lets hope tonight is about the Saints and the Colts.
  • So the market today...  Ugh.  Who wants to talk about it?  Still bullish.  Still 100% long with beta.  Today's reason du jour for the stock market is positive economic data.  Summary:  Unemployment claims fell, productivity increased, and some good news from some retailers.  And the reason we weren't up more?  Fed jawboning.  Don't worry, there will be another reason du jour tomorrow to explain either the move up or move down. 
  • Everyone has been looking for the sector that would repeat the huge growth that tech stocks had in the late 90's.  For awhile, oil stocks were the new tech stocks.  But lately, tech stocks have been doing great.  We can now say that tech stocks are the new oil stocks.   Thus, if I remember my math correctly, this means tech stocks are the new tech stocks.  Follow?
  • Although, I still wonder what's going on at Apple.  Maybe there isn't much demand for the iPhones.  I've seen them at the stores just sitting there on the shelves.  Folks look at them, but then go to the next display and look at less expensive phones.  Maybe AAPL is marketing a great product that is overkill for most folks.  Plus, who has the money to spend to be replacing their cell phones and MP3 players every few months?
  • Popcorn lung?  You know, I can't stand that butter flavor on microwave popcorn.  Too much salt, too.  I just have a microwave bowl and plain popcorn.  Some folks call that boring, but I like it.
  • Japanese leeches. "Yamabiru will climb into people's socks and stay for about an hour, growing five to 10 times in size. Unlike with water leeches, people don't immediately realize they've been bitten. Only later when they see their blood-soaked feet, do they realize what has happened," said Shigekazu Tani, the institute's director.

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