Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Thoughts

  • As we close in on the weekend, longs have to be happy with the stock market this week. The SP500 gained about 2.8% for the week.  Too bad it doesn't do this every week.  The SP500 made its move above the 50dma this week, too.  Remaining long with beta at this point, but aware that a pullback back to 1500ish wouldn't be surprising.  Probably won't try to play it, but the rule book does suggest that the week after options week tends to be weak if options week was strong.  But month-end is also happening next week. 
  • Summer ends tomorrow, and Fall begins Sunday.  Farewell, Summer.
  • More on eating vegetarian.  Check out the podcast page and an interview with Casey Kasem.
  • The Ken Burns mini series on World War II looks interesting.
  • God responds to lawsuit.
  • Home.

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