Friday, September 14, 2007

When the Smoke Clears...

  • Next week is going to be an interesting week in the markets. I was thumbing through the Stock Traders Alamanc, and then I realized whatever the historical trend is may not matter.  There is so much mojo and smoke in the air next week that we'll have to wait until it clears.  I think it all spells volatility.
  • It's an options expiration triple witching week.  The Fed is going to make their rate cut announcement and commentary.  Plus, we'll have the Drew Brees Indicator in play on Monday, and that'll depend on how he and the New Orleans Saints do at Tampa Bay on Sunday.  The Saints have had 10 days to think about that opening Thursday night loss to the Colts.
  • My guess is that Drew Brees will have a great game on Sunday because the Monday before September Triple Witching, the DOW is up 15 of last 17.
  • (Maria just said that it's quadruple witching.  Not sure how that'll affect Brees on Sunday, or if that invalidates the Stock Traders Almanac text).
  • See?  Mojo, baby!  I think trying to game it is just guessing at best.  My thoughts are bullish and I remain 100% long.
  • The Fed will rule the week.  This will most likely be the first rate cut in a while. 
  • We're also entering the latter half of September.  Historically, the first part of September is bullish, while the latter part is bearish. At least that's what I recall reading somewhere.
  • Oh, the picture?  Katie.  Yes, she does have a MySpace profile if you want to see more pictures.  LOL.
  • Sports locks of the week?  Well, I was horrible with the locks last week but had a great week at the sports book.  This week I think Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Denver and Jacksonville are my favs against the spread. 

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