Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Want My DirecTV

  • I broke down. I made the switch to DirecTV.  I subscribed to the NFL package. 
  • I'm bullish and 100% invested here, but why do I have a nagging fear about a sell the news reaction to a Fed rate cut?  Nah, shake it off, Muck.  So many folks are predicting that, that it'll either never happen or it'll be a self-fulfilling prophecy that will happen in advance of the Fed meeting!  Right?  Uh, right?
  • Sir Alan Greenspan says he was late to see the storm gathering around mortgage lending practices and commended his successor Ben Bernanke's handling of the crisis.  Greenspan must not be reading the internets, because there are lots of blogs out there that were documenting the craziness of it all.  Nobody questioned how people making $40,000 a year were qualifying for $500,000 houses with no money down and a negatively amortized loan that would refinance in 2 years?  While at the same time, the Fed was raising interest rates?  Yeah, complete shocker, eh?  Here's what I said in March 2005.
  • I was thinking about what Cramer said yesterday on Squawk about how he didn't like ETFs and how he'd rather buy individual stocks because he "likes to outperform."  Pffffft.  Yeah, right, Jim.  You know about those sites that are tracking your picks, right?  
  • Of course, the first thing I did when I got the DirecTV was... "Where is CNBC on this thing?"  But then I quickly went to the NFL Network where they were rebroadcasting the Giants-Cowboys game.  That's channel 212.  LOL.
  • And soon, Fox Business Network.  They announced their anchors.  I was hoping for more strippers, less Stuart Varney.  Maybe that's just me....  The new anchors are David Asman, Cheryl Casone, Rebecca Gomez, Dagen McDowell and Stuart Varney, who will all retain their roles at the Fox News Channel.

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