Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ben Bernanke Has Our Six

Bernanke (not pictured) came out today and said, paraphrasing, "I got your six."

Maybe this is news to you, but the economy remains sluggish. So, bottom line is that the Fed will keep pouring the cash in. Why, almost as if Ben himself is dropping cash from a helicopter!

There is a nickname idea in there somewhere.

Nice turnaround after the Fed announced. I was listening to an online stream from some daytrader (more later, remind me) who was going all Vin Scully on the short squeeze as the Fed announced. Quite entertaining. But then I was pulled into a meeting. So much for that. Like a good Dodgers fan, I missed the close.

Picture is from the WSJ. The above picture. Not the other one. That's from somewhere else.

Again, I give you Hyori Lee. Or Lee Hyori. Which is it?

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