Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Tax Hikes to Take Flight

The "tax cuts expire" sounds less painful than "new tax hikes" in 2011.

My take is that for every dollar you give the government, they like to spend a buck-fifty. I'm rounding, of course. Maybe it's more, maybe it's less. But the money get spent in different ways that you and I might spend that money. That's a little less efficient use of the money.

Maybe we'd go buy iPhones and take vacations. Maybe we'd save for kids' college or retirement. Instead, the government may spend it on a museum in Pittsburgh or a study of insects mating habits.

All of these help create jobs. But if you and I had the money maybe instead of the museums and the insect study, those folks would be building Tech facilities and studying ways to make longer-lasting batteries.

But absent congressional action, tax rates will increase in 2011. And to assist you with the elevated tax rates, here are some Air Asia stewardesses.

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