Thursday, August 26, 2010

EPA Tribunal to Come Down on Coal

Remember when the EPA became empowered to make environmental decisions without going through Congress and the President? And so it begins.

First batter up: The coal industry.

Of course, coal ash is one of the worst byproducts around. I think at first glance, everyone would love to end the use of coal. It's dirty. There's really no clean way to burn it.

But, the nation gets a bulk of our energy from coal. See the problem?

The EPA could force expensive modifications that would be paid by companies; er, I mean people who use energy created by burning coal. I think that's you and me.

We need a better alternative, right?

The right answer would be to begin replacing coal plants with new nuclear power plants. But despite the promises of the Obama administration, that solution seems to remain on the back burner.

So we are now at the mercy of the EPA tribunals. No doubt, the people who work there are all big believers in global warming. It is not difficult to predict what they will decide on coal ash, and that is to come after our wallets.

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