Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Market Thoughts and Randomosity

  • Let me take a stab at the headline: The stock market is on the skids as the economic data continues to underwhelm and suggest that slow growth continues. Well, duh. Didn't we kind of know this? We are creating government jobs and temporary jobs. The Federal and State governments are reeling under heavy debt and decreasing tax revenues. Taxes at all levels are going up. Companies are hesitant to hire after recent staff reductions until there are better signs ahead.

  • I don't want to get too low or too high here. By the way, if I had to choose, I'd pick the latter. But as far as stocks go, it still feels to me as a very typical mid-term election year pattern in the market. The market rallied into the Spring, had a correction, had a Summer rally, and is now retrenching. If this plays out like I think it will, there will be a chance to buy back in and make some nice gains. I remain with some cash on the sidelines.
  • It's not all bad headline news. Caterpillar to build new plant in Texas that will employ 500. Go big Cat!
  • The trouble with chick flicks. Bottom line is money. More people will go see an action flick I've said this before, too. I love me a good chick flick. I draw the line at too much angst and terminal diseases (aka, too much reality). But sign me up for a good romantic comedy with a happy ending. Have I mentioned I like happy endings? Just saying.
  • Don't draft these guys too early in your fantasy football draft. Almost time to start thinking about that with the onslaught of pre-season NFL! I hope Ronnie Brown comes out strong, but he is injury prone. I was 8-0 when he got hurt last year and then struggled in the second half...

Picture is of Gong Li.

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