Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday Randomosity

  • imageThis is August.  The stock market is supposed to be a little rocky after a July rally, and heading into the dreaded month of September and the volatile month of October.  But the market seems to be doing whatever the heck it wants to, despite history.  I’m thinking we have a little rocky-ness ahead, but I haven’t been right about that.
  • What?  I missed the Teen Choice Awards?  Again?  Ashley Green pictured.  From the Twilight Saga, or so I hear.  I haven’t seen that last one.
  • Incomes fall in most metro areas. Personal incomes fell across the U.S. last year except in areas with a high concentration of federal government and military jobs, the Commerce Department said Monday. They declined most in places with a lot of housing and finance jobs.  Yeah, those government jobs.  Well, state government jobs took a hit I guess (furloughs in CA).
  • Defense Secretary Robert Gates (not pictured) announces defense cuts.  Overall, a good thing.  But it doesn’t mean terrorism goes away.
  • The long, cool summer. Normally in June and July, San Jose has seven or eight days when the temperatures climb into the 90s, Weather Service meteorologist Larry Smith said. But since June 1, the thermometer in San Jose has registered in the 90s only two days. The last day was June 27. It’s been a chilly summer here in Northern California.  Hey, we’re being green and using less AC!
  • Wider waist may raise death risk later in life.  What?  You’re kidding.  Who saw that coming?  You think that’s stimulus dollars at work doing the research on that study? 
  • I haven’t mentioned it lately, but I still have some cash on the sidelines.  Just being honest.  Missed the rally!  And the Teen Choice Awards.  It’s the summer for missing stuff.
  • The payday for Mark Hurd keeps growing.  Up to $40M?  Holy buckets. 
  • On those defense cuts, Virginia will feel the most pain.  All together… Poor Virginia!  First, the Santa Claus thing and now this?

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