Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Randomosity

  • It seems as if I am a bit "early" in my stock buys today, eh? Sure, I probably should have waited until near the close. But buyers could have came in trying to do the same thing I am. I think the bearishness is getting a bit thick. And lots of warnings about September coming. So, trying to fade that a little.

  • Jeremy Siegal says that income investors should look at large cap dividend stocks and get out of bonds. He lists the top-10 large cap dividend payers. I agree, but I'm more slanted to growth right now.
  • "We'll slog our way through this", said Thomas Hoenig, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.
  • I think that is true. But I also think things are better out there than what we're reading in the papers or watching on Glenn Beck. And by the way, how many attending the Restoring Honor rally? Liberals cling to the 87,000 number from CBS. ABC said between 200,000 and 600,000. NBC said 300,000 to 500,000. And I say who the heck cares? More than a handful attended. Good enough.
  • Paris Hilton To Face Felony Drug Charge Report. We will put a picture in of Paris from her glory days; and I do mean the Carl's Jr. Bikini ads. Those were hot.
  • Jim Rogers is a little gloomy on the US nothing new. Likes Asia. Thinks the US debt problem is a historical problem that will end as it has always done.

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