Monday, August 16, 2010

Middle of August

  • Nothing has changed in my investment outlook. But I am making a list of what I want to buy. Although, purchases will mostly be the VB and QQQQ. When the time is right.

  • China cut its holdings of Treasury notes and bonds by the most ever, raising speculation the plunge in U.S. yields that sent two-year rates to a record low has made government securities too expensive for some investors. I'm a little scared of bonds, too. I don't believe in the double dip, and think that economic growth may actually increase.
  • Say, that reminds me. I heard someone opine that one of the reasons employment continues to lag is because of pending tax increases. So, companies and small businesses are taking profits now at lower tax rates, and delaying expenditures until next year to offset tax hikes. Interesting thought, huh?
  • Stimulus money unspent as economy struggles. You know, I wonder why? We have a government that is not bashful about spending. Maybe the cash should be used to pay off debt.
  • Who is the girl with the dragon tattoo? Rooney Mara. Pictured!

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