Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Everybody Loves a Sale!

  • imageYesterday’s selling was because of the worst housing news ever in the history of the planet.  That wasn’t enough to keep bargain shoppers away today, as the market hit key support levels… after four straight days of avoiding risk, traders began edging out of safe assets like Treasurys and back into stocks.  Kind of like red coming up on the roulette wheel four times in a row.  Black is due.
  • I will never complain about Sacramento’s 30-minute commute, sometimes 50 minutes when school is in session.  Chinese traffic jam is 9-days.  That’s going to put a crimp in the 40-hour work week.  What’s your out of office notification say?  “Out of office, stuck in traffic, be back in 9 days.”
  • I’m going to be honest.  Once my traffic jam exceeds an hour on the worst day, I’m moving closer to work or getting a job closer to home.
  • We’re all in a race to the bottom…investors are beginning to see risk in a different light: The only "growth" is from stimulus, and how long can that last?  Kind of an interesting, if pessimistic, view.  I’m not convinced of doomsday, but understand the argument.
  • From Howard Lindzon, the 50 best websites of 2010.  His StockTwits site made it.  The Learning Curve?  Uh, no.  Maybe 2011. [crosses fingers]
  • Apple is holding a special event on September 1st.  Oh my goodness, what do I have to stand in a waiting line for next?  Well, we will find out next week.
  • Is 2010 like 1982?  Reagan’s first two years were a bit rocky.  Maybe, huh?  Actually, I think the odds are pretty good that the economy is back on its feet soon.  But not soon enough for those poor incumbents in November.
  • Picture is of Anushka Setty.

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