Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fantasy Football Draft Day

  • Fantasy draft tonight. I'm hoping Ronnie Brown is available at #6.   In the 2nd round, it depends on who is there.  But I have my eye on Carnell Williams or Willie Parker.  I think the latter is underrated in many of the mock fantasy drafts I've seen.  Maybe the former is overrated, though!  Hard to tell in August...  It'll all be obvious by Thanksgiving.  I do like 2nd year running backs, though.   Usually "break out" year.  (Or bust...)
  • I think the dips will be bought this week.  I continue to feel that we're going to see an upward bias through Labor Day weekend.  We'll have to see how that one turns out!
  • Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet was pretty entertaining.  And there's a season 2.  Mostly entertaining.  I like the way Carlos was always trying to scam on a Whiskers babe.  He's a playah!
  • I didn't watch the Emmys, but now I wish I had.  Don't know about the controversy regarding the plane crash skit.  Thank goodness for YouTube and Google video!  I'll have to check it out later...
  • Hmm....  Ronnie Brown.  We'll see.  Forgive the lack of posts today. I'll be reviewing my list of players a million times over the next few hours. Sigh.

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