Friday, August 25, 2006

Hard Landing for Pluto

  • Coming recession will be deep and nasty, eh? The United States is headed for a recession that will be "much nastier, deeper and more protracted" than the 2001 recession, says Nouriel Roubini, president of Roubini Global EconomicsWriting on his blog Wednesday, Roubini repeated his call that the U.S. would be in recession in 2007, arguing that the collapse of housing would bring down the rest of the economy.  His blog is extremely dour on housing.  I know, there is no shortage of that opinion these days.  Lets hope employment continues strong.  I believe without big job losses, folks will just continue to make their monthly mortgage payments and live their lives.  That's the best scenario for a "soft landing" in housing.  But hey, another blog to add to the bloglines sub!
  • Turns out California's education system is crap.  They taught me Pluto was a planet.   "There are only 8 planets, you fools!" 
  • Most blogs by economists are kind of goofy.  Are they ever right about anything?  I'm writing in general, not to single out anyone.
  • This weekened?  California State Fair!  High prices.  Crappy food.  And lots of walking.  But it is a ritual for us Sacramento Dwellers.
  • I mentioned subscriptions in my last blog, but heck I was thinking I have had a couple of Netflix flicks sitting around for a few weeks.  I think I caught up with all the movies I hadn't seen the last 5 years, now I'm searching the bottom of the barrel for things to watch.  Maybe it's time to cancel NFLX and subscribe to the cable movie package!  I think that'd save another $100 or so a year.
  • Adam explains this whole Pluto-isn't-a-planet thing and relates it to the economy.  What's special about it, is that Adam uses a "metaphor."  Today is an eye-opener for us CA kids.
  • Russia rules out UN sanctions against Iran.  I guess this is the unofficial world OK for Iran to continue to work on their nuclear weapons program.  So the UN is out of the picture as being an instrument to discuss the matter.  Not that discussions ever work, by the way.  They're just a stall tactic anyways.  Maybe Russia (and China) are just being honest about it.  Why bother talking about it if Iran is going to build them anyways?
  • Hey, what about Disney dog Pluto?  Is he being demoted as a Disney character?  My childhood has just been trashed.

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