Monday, August 28, 2006

Bullish or Bearish

We used to be friends, Muck...

  • On Friday, I mentioned my number one trading rule, Investor Know Thyself.  My second rule is to determine whether my investing bias is bullish or bearish over the longer term.  This will dictate how I trade the intermediate term.  If I'm bullish, I will always have some exposure to the market.  If the SP500 has a beta of one, that is my default investment for the bull market.  Although in practice, I do diversify between small, mid and large caps.  I increase my beta on corrections, and decrease my beta on rallies.  I use the Black Box technical indicators, sentiment indicators, and seasonal/historical market patterns to spot opportunity and risk.  If I'm bearish, my default investment is a money market fund.  I'll then use the same indicators to try to make money on rallies within the bear market.
  • Search results...  Interesting referral today for somebody searching for George Hamilton Pita Chips.  Google returns The Learning Curve at #2 in that search query!  Hey, can I get some pay-per clicks on that somehow? 
  • I have to spend some time working on my fantasy football draft for tomorrow.  I'm picking 6th in a 10-team league.  So...  If you have a top 10 list for RB/WR, comment away!

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