Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Bull

  • Well, as I mentioned last week, I expect this week on Wall Street to have a positive bias. We have end of month strength kicking in and also pre-Labor Day trend is historically positive.  I believe the day following the holiday is also historically a good one.  No guarantees, of course.  And one caveat is that folks are starting to talk about how good the market will be once vacationers return after Labor Day.  I sense the tide may swing back to bullish pretty quickly if this is a strong week, so we'll have to keep an eye out for too much enthusiasm  But lets not out think ourselves just yet...
  • Looks like folks are getting on the "we're not really experiencing inflation" bandwagon.  Higher energy prices have acted like a tax on folks, slowing their discretionary spending.  That's not inflationary.  And globalization has kept downward pressure on wages.  That's not inflationary, either.
  • I went out looking at new home subdivisions around Sacramento.  Those places were crowded this weekend.  I think existing homes are having trouble selling, but new homes seem to be doing well.
  • Work is busy here at the not-so Fun Factory.  Holy smokes.  It's supposed to be easy going here the unofficial last week of summer.  NOPE.
  • Been cycling tons the last couple weeks.  Almost every night.

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