Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stupid Flu!

  • So there is "maximum strength" Pepto Bismol. Is there also "regular strength," "minimum strength," and "may not work at all strength?"  For the record, it's not working at all.
  • I decided to stay home again today.  Sleeping a lot.  I don't feel horrible, other than tired.  Chills hit me sometimes.  Weakness.  And then about 1000 trips to the bathroom a day.  No appetite whatsoever.
  • But who cares about me, what about the market?  We're up again early today.  Maybe the tame PPI news, or maybe there's just an early bias for the buyers.  Again, with energy prices up and acting like a tax on consumers, that is hardly inflationary.  Of course, we're all waiting for the last hour or so to see what really happens.  I remain long with beta, waiting out the summer trading range which I think will be resolved to the upside.
  • Home Depot predicts a challenging second halfThe cautious outlook added to mounting signs of a slowdown in US consumer spending, amid record energy prices, rising interest rates and cooling home sales.  Didn't folks used to say that if housing cools, Home Depot would do well because instead of flipping homes, folks would work on and improve their existing homes?

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