Wednesday, August 23, 2006


  • For today's early swoon, Yahoo Finance says Market remains under pressure midday as weaker than expected housing data, rising bond yields and ongoing uncertainty about Iran's nuclear ambitions (i.e. unsubstantiated reports of a potential nuclear breakthrough) overshadow a 2.0% decline in oil prices. Of course, if the market was rallying then this sentence could be reversed to say that investors were optimistic about the drop in oil prices and that overshadowed continuing doubts about Iran, housing, etc.   The week after options expiration tends to be weak, we're in the last summer vacation days for families, and month-end strength isn't on deck until next week.  Whatever the bulls can do to keep it steady...
  • Iran says they're okay with talks about their nuclear ambitions, as long as they're able to continue enriching uranium.  Let me compare this to an alcoholic who is okay with attending alcoholic anonymous meetings, as long as he's able to continue drinking whiskey.
  • Here's a bad idea.   A man comes to court drunk on DUI chargeA man who showed up in court drunk to be sentenced for drunken driving told the judge he routinely drinks 12 beers a day "and then some."
  • I missed Pole-A-Palooza...a competition for pole dancers at the Light nightclub inside the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada August 21, 2006. The annual competition awards a $10,000 first prize.
  • Hey, maybe we can get Erin Burnett, Melissa Lee, and the rest of the CNBC babes to have a Stocks-a-Palooza pole dancing competition on CNBC?

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