Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Quick Hits

Off speed and a little out of the strike zone!

  • I made it in to work today.  I have my energy levels mostly back after a 3-day battle with the stomach flu.  The best line from Office Space about missing a lot of work lately, "Well, I wouldn't exactly say I've been *missing* it."
  • Looks like it's "rally on, Garth" for the stock market today.  How many folks were predicting a pullback after yesterday's ramp?  How many were calling it options week shenanigans?  Lots.   And the day is still young, so we could break either way.  I'd love to see another big up day, though.  None of this consolidation crud.  Give us a few days to break the spines on those freakin' bears.  I want them to capitulate.  Give in.  This see-saw summer trading range has got to end someday, why not now?  It'd surprise everyone, including me.  Because we all know how crappy August and September are supposed to be for the markets.  Lets throw Wall Street something off-speed and fool 'em. 
  • Have you noticed that when you come back to work after being sick from a cold or flu, your coworkers want to know the details?  They want to know if you had a stuffy nose, sore throat, chest congestion, earache, and stuff like that.  But when you tell them that you had the stomach flu, nobody wants to hear THOSE details. 
  • So you know, technology is leading the rally.  Have we been able to say that for awhile? 
  • In more bad news for lazy couch potatoes, Exercise shrinks abdominal fat cellsExercise may be especially helpful in reducing the size of fat cells around the waistline -- more so than diet alone, a study suggests. That's important, because fat specifically in the abdomen has been linked to the risk of heart disease and diabetes.   Definitely bad news as the new Fall TV Lineup is about to hit. 
  • Maybe the solution for airport security is to not allow luggage of any kind.  Nothing to check in.  No carry ons.  And furthermore, require full nudity before boarding.  No clothes allowed.  Passengers would be subject to a full body cavity search before boarding.  Maybe give each passenger a fig leaf before boarding. 

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