Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Endings

  • The market continues to drift up as we close in towards the end of the trading day. This week has shown the traditional upwards bias of end of month strength and Labor Day weekend.  Still have a bit to go, but I'm thinking the bulls will feel pretty good about things this weekend.  The bears?  The stock market bears seem to have gotten it wrong once again and the Chicago Bears have to decide between RBs Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson.
  • Brothels take the sting out of higher energy bills (Australia).  Once you've filled up your car, bring your receipt to the brothel and they'll discount the price of your visit.  "If you come in and spend time with one of our lovely ladies, we'll give you a discount of 20 cents a liter," Kerry, manager of Sydney brothel The Site, told Reuters Wednesday.  Sounds like a happy ending for everyone.
  • I don' blame Israel for not lifting the blockade.  The cease fire gives Hizbollah a change to regroup and re-arm.  I think everyone is skeptical over the longevity of any peace between the terrorists and Israel.  Lets hope it lasts.
  • More later.   Gotta run to a meeting about something nobody cares about but it'll kill an hour.

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