Saturday, December 24, 2005

Fantasy Football Superbowl!

  • Kind of tough to head out last-minute gift shopping with the Fantasy Football championship on the line.

  • The Bill Cara Rules for successful investing. Take risks, not chances! I think chances are best left to the casino. (How does that work out?)

  • I started Santana Moss today. That's working out nicely.

  • Federal Reserve Chairman George Costanza from Barry Ritholz. Should Ben Bernanke just do the opposite?

  • Have you tried those BBQ Kettle Chips?

  • A market comment on Christmas Eve? I think the market is going higher. Despite this comment about an inverted yield curve and that the market tanks when there is nothing but good news, I don't think he's right. The typical way to measure the yield curve is the 3 month and the 30 year. Plus, the perception is that the economy is horrible and that we're sliding into a recession. That's not the kind of euphoria we see at market tops. Remember 2000, when everybody was bullish about the New Economy? That's not the case now.

  • Investors believe in Santa Claus Rally, from CBS Marketwatch.

  • Uh oh, laptop batteries are waning.

  • My goodness I miss Seinfeld!

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