Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tuesday Quick Hits

  • Now there's an old-fashioned sell-off!  Of course, the fear is not only the inverted yield curve between the 2yr and the 10yr, but that the market will repeat what it has done the previous two January-February periods, and sell-off.  Seems like everyone is front-running that anticipated event.

  • Stocks or Bonds blog responds to Muckdog and Random Roger on Yield Curve Inversion.

  • In the bulls corner, today's selling was on very light volume.
  • I watched Katie Holmes in "Pieces of April" over the weekend.  Quite the drama.  Not what I expected at all.

  • Imagine Free Wi-Fi for all!

  • By now, you may have already downloaded the Saturday Night Live Chronicles of Narnia rap song.  Or, should I say, Chronic-What!-cles of Narnia.  It's pretty darn good from SNL. 

  • I have so much to do here at the Fun Factory, that is completely unrelated to my new project.  I have a design due next week. Unfortunately, there is an implementation going on this weekend that has me scrambling around today.  Nobody else is around to figure anything out, so it's all a big (muck)dog pile.

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