Monday, December 12, 2005

In the Evening


  • I've decided to go back to my old-fashioned posting template over w.bloggar.  It's some javascript I pieced together a couple years back that includes a small-time editor, and then the ability to easily insert cartoons and captions in the blog.  I like cartoons.

  • Day 2 of options week tomorrow, with a Big Fed Meeting!  I imagine action would be tepid in front of the announcement, as folks wait for "the text" of The Maestro's comments.

  • If Alge Crumpler can get 8 points tonight (yards, TDs, whatever), I'm in the fantasy football playoffs.  If not, I'll need some help to back door my way in.

  • I downloaded iespell (from for a spell checker.  Free!  It lets you create a library of common words.  I also use the free spell checker from the Google toolbar.

  • Houston Texans look like a lock for Reggie Bush. 

  • Stanley Tookie Williams declined a final meal. 

  • Internet access is kind of expensive.  Especially when you hear about all these municipalities on the verge of providing free wi-fi in certain areas.  I don't think it'll be long until it's free all over.  Or at least the pricing pressure is pushed down.

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