Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Quick Hits

  • Checked out Jason at The Trend yet?

  • More thoughts on the last half of December?  Well, the Big Money folks who are expecting the market to tank after the first of the year have probably already positioned their portfolios.  Why would they wait for lower volume the last two weeks of the year to dump big blocks of shares?  So does this mean that there won't be many sellers out there?  Just thinking out loud.

  • I have bundled cable TV and cable internet service.  But the prices are high, and I get blasted almost daily with specials on satellite TV and DSL internet.  These specials normally require a one-year contract commitment.  They have a low initial teaser rates that last up to 6 months, and the TV specials usually include a few free months of premium channels.  Why wouldn't I just switch back and forth year after year between different providers to take advantage of these offers?   (That's what I've been asking myself, anyways).

  • So, are the Diebold voting machines plugged in and ready to go for the Iraqi election?  Just curious.

  • Folks are saying King Kong will be a mega blockbuster.  I think it will be, but I'm less excited about seeing that than I am The Chronicles of Narnia.  Maybe because I've already seen two versions of King Kong, plus King Kong vs. Godzilla.  I've read the Narnia books, and am looking forward to see the first book on the big screen.

  • Even though Halloween is long gone, the leftover candy lasted until about last week.  Now I'm wanting more candy.

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