Thursday, December 22, 2005

Santa Claus Rally

Don't make fun of the Santa Claus rally, Muck.

  • The market bouncing around a little today, but with the Nasdaq leading the way, I think it's good news for folks looking for a Santa Claus rally.   The Nasdaq tends to lead the way for the rest of the market.  Of course, isn't everybody on the planet expecting next week to be positive?

  • I'm still Christmas shopping.  I started out great with online buying, but I still find myself scrambling around afterhours trying to finish things up.

  • The NY transit strike is over.  I guess both sides agreed to end it, and return to the bargaining table.  The union wants to discuss pensions and healthcare.  You know, those two issues are going to be huge for the US down the road.  I think both private and public organizations have promised far more than they can deliver.

  • Microsoft faces $2.37 million a day in fines from the EU if they don't comply with the 2004 antitrust ruling.  Is this why the stock has been taking a beating?

  • Did you see the picture of the fish (trout) with two mouths?  Maybe this one was caught downstream from Monty Burns' nuclear power plant, eh Smithers?

  • I finaly saw the latest Harry Potter movie. It was okay.  A little less cutesy and charming than the others.  But Valdemont is back, and I suppose that'll set up the next movie.  I haven't read the books, so don't spoil it for me!

  • I'm so busy here at the Fun Factory.  Not a great time of year for that.  I'd rather be chatting and milling about.  But they decided to start a new project while we're implementing the previous one, and trying to deal with that fallout.  It's crazy.  I'm feeling a lot of pressure.

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