Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday's Quick Hits

  • I'm trying to get back into the flow of the markets.  I updated my Black Box last night, and it was frightening to see how right it has seemed to be regarding the sell signals I received earlier in the month.   I do remain long the market, but did sell my Microsoft.  I still am bullish on the markets, and wonder how deep the pullback will be.  If it gets deeper, I'll roll into more aggressive positions.

  • I don't like the new format of CNBC.  I have to squint to see the ticker numbers at the top of the screen.  I also have to scroll the width of the screen to see the numbers, instead of focus in the bottom right-hand corner.  Of course, as financial TV goes, they're the best game in the business.  Although maybe I'll flip to Bloomberg and see what their morning show is like.

  • So, where do you stand on the value vs. growth investment philosophies?  (Can you tell that I'm reading Jeremy Seigal's latest book?)

  • How'd I do in Las Vegas?  Well, the casinos have probably already sent their free room deals to my mailbox as I type.  Whatever they can do to get me back as soon as possible.  (That's how I did...)

  • (Chevy Chase's move Las Vegas Vacation is one of my favorites.)

  • This time of year, folks are generally feeling optimistic about the next year.  For some reason, I'm sensing some gloom.  I think folks believe we're heading into a recession, and that 2006 will be a bear market.

  • President Bush's approval numbers are going up.

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