Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day on the Green

  • If it's a Saturday in June, that means there is yardwork to be done! Early in the morning, I went down to Home Depot to buy a sack of fertilizer. For some reason the grass seems to look a little dull compared to some of the newer lawns in the neighborhood. So, I'm trying to perk it up a little. I do risk the chance of over or under-fertilizing. I have a little hand spreader instead of one of the push-cart kind where you can set the dispersion rate as recommended on the sack of fertilizer. So that means I could miss some spots, or over-fertilize some others. As long as I don't kill it...

  • I saw Bulls and Bears on the Fox Business block. You think there is a little animousity between Mike Norman and Gary Smith? Hoo, seems like it got a little tense in there. Seems like most of them are bearish, which is probably a good thing for those of us who are looking for a rally.

  • We get used to NBA everyday, and then when the NBA Finals come it seems like eons between games.

  • Mowed. Edged. Pulled weeds. Cleaned-up.

  • Stopped by the pet store for some goodies. Does your local pet store try to unload kittens on the weekend? Man, they had the cages out and tons of little kittens. The good news was that they were selling some. I like it when pets find homes and can live happy lives.

  • Of course, one thing about fertilizing is that the grass will now grow like crazy and I'll have to mow it more often.

  • Netflick flix... Watched Domino last night, starring Keira Knightly. Hoo, violent. But I kind of liked it once it got going. Keira the Bounty Hunter!

  • On with the weekend... I'm working some this weekend, so not all fun, games, yardwork, or kittens...

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